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Most small refrigerators when properly maintained will last many years and, in the case of small dorm refrigerators or small compact refrigerators for small apartment kitchens, it is not uncommon for the refrigerator to outlive its purpose. This is what makes the refrigerator such a good investment at a couple hundred dollars brand new it can be passed along through many hands before retiring to the junk yard. For that reason there will be many instances of trying to transport a small refrigerator by our handy selves.

The reason that we even have this problem at all is because the refrigerator is usually small enough to move without any specialized transporting mechanics or professional help, but the insides of the unit is delicate enough for some considerate people wonder if there are any precautions to take to ensure a safe move. The truth is that there are some parts of the refrigerator that may need particular attention but for the most part transporting a refrigerator runs little risks of damage so long as it is void of harsh bumps and violent sudden movements.

The best way is to always keep the refrigerator upright. This is usually more important with full sized refrigerators and we have a little bit of leeway with small refrigerators. Since it is usually transported from one apartment to another in a private vehicle, it usually makes sense to lay the unit on its side since that is the only option for many people who don’t have pick-up trucks or other vehicles that could fit a refrigerator standing up.

In such a case just remember to lay the unit on its side and not the back. Be very gentle when laying down and picking up the unit back to an upright position. Don’t not immediately plug the refrigerator in after standing it back up. Let it stand upright for at least a couple hours. This allows any internal fluids to settle and avoid damaging the mechanics inside.

The reason we lay the unit on its side and not the back is because the motor is suspended by four springs that are designed to keep that part upright. Any violent movements especially with the unit on the side of on its back could force one or more of the springs to snap. If this happens you will notice a knocking noise whenever the motor comes on and could even stop the small compact refrigerator from working at all.

Take care with the refrigerator and move it carefully. For the most part that is enough to transport the unit without damaging it. Remember to use common sense and be gentle. This website is not responsible for any damages that occur from the use of the information here. If it is a daunting task, it might be best to seek help or hire a professional mover.