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Welcome to the Best Small Refrigerators

Welcome to the Best Small Refrigerators Website. Our goal is to compile the information you need to find the right small refrigerator for your needs, and even help you determine what your refrigerating needs are. Depending on where you are in your life a miniature sized fridge is always a good thing to have. They […]

Top 4 Dorm Refrigerators at Affordable Prices

Although students are on a pretty tight budget, it is almost an absolute must that they purchase a dorm refrigerator for their dorm room. A fridge, for a hard-working student, is not even a luxury anymore, it is a necessity. However, the choices are usually limited because a student can’t afford much, and sometimes one […]

Caring For Your Dorm Fridge

A dorm fridge is one of the most important appliances for a student away at college. Sometimes, just adding a fridge to a dorm room can make it seem more like home, not to mention it can make studying a lot easier if food and drinks are at hand, instead of having to constantly go […]

Why Compact Fridges Are For Everyone

Each day, the world is getting less and less bulkier. If people before loved to over decorate and stuff the rooms of their house with so much decoration, now there is an on-going trend for minimalism. Emphasis is now given to space and the smaller the appliance or equipment is the better. This is the […]

Selecting a Portable Fridge

There has been a wide array of portable fridges available in the marketplace today. Choosing the best fridge model can actually be a wise investment, thus find the one that is efficient and can satisfy your needs and demands. There are important factors to keep in mind to help you decide in purchasing your transportable […]

Danby Compact Refrigerator DAR482BLS

If you are in the market for a small refrigerator, a Danby compact refrigerator would do you well and is a fantastic alternative to a having a regular sized fridge. The Danby DAR482BLS 4.4 Cu Ft fridge is a great refrigerator, not only because of its stylish appearance, but also its functional addition to any […]

Haier Mini Fridge HNSE05SS

There are so many mini fridges available in the market that the number of choices might seem overwhelming. With many good brands to choose from, buying a mini fridge can be confusing. A good small refrigerator to consider is a Haier mini fridge, or more specifically the 4.6 Cu Ft, HNSE05SS energy star compliant refrigerator. […]

Avanti Compact Refrigerator FFBM920W

If you have been in the hunt for a small and compact refrigerator for your home, your search is over. With an Avanti compact refrigerator, most of your needs can be dealt with. Whether it is for home use or office use you will find that the Avanti has a mini fridge to suit your […]

GE Compact Refrigerator Spacemaker GMR06AAPBB

A great GE compact refrigerator would be the GE Spacemaker GMR06AAPBB. This fridge is great as a mini snack fridge or even a full time food fridge for people who live in dorms or flats. It comes with 5.5 cubic feet of room to store food and drinks and has a 0.5 cubic foot freezer. […]

Magic Chef Mini Fridge 4.4 cu ft.

At some point in time, sooner or later you will need a small refrigerator for the lounge, or maybe for your living area or bed room. When you do find yourself in need of a small refrigerator, try going for a Magic Chef mini fridge. There are so many models to choose from, each having […]